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The public needs a trusted central location where information about services, maintenance, events and reviews of property and assets can be stored and passed along.

We need something for us. Something we can trust where the customer is us, not the advertisers." Chris Himes - Founder

A public decentralized ledger where everyone can contribute and share for everyone to use and benefit is the perfect answer.

Real Estate Agents and Brokers


Why Rivmic is awesome?

A simple and global solution designed for us.

Everyone can help

Powerful and easy for others to help. Getting you control back in your life.

Who can see

You control & maintain what the public can see of your personal property.

Updates & offers

You can turn on updates to see what past vendors are offering you directly.

Images & PDFs

Provide as much detail about each entry including supporting documents.

Store your car history

An easy way to track maintenance and mileage history.


Never forget who did the work or how to get back in contact with them.

What we do?

A complete solution from purchase, to maintenance, to sale. Protecting you all the way.


We have created a solution that puts the customer first no matter where you are.


Maintain working relationships.

Global Announcement

Broadcast to the world the facts. Building a better tomorrow.


Copies of your records are stored around the globe to protect your records


We make sure the posts are true, accurate and verifiable.


Records and posts mixed with photos is the perfect solution

Stolen or lost?

At the click off a button you can let others know if something is lost or stolen. The world now has an easy way to verify before buying by simply entering the serial or ID number.

Protect anything from electronics, appliances, equipment, vehicles, bikes, cellphone, laptops, tools, machinery or anything else that has an ID or tracking number. You can even post jewelery and other non tracked items. People would be able to search for stolen or lost items by descriptions, key words, and location.

Deter would be criminals by putting "Protected By Rivmic" on any items. Place them on packages to let criminals know the item are registered, and would be reported stolen if taken.

Who else uses Rivmic

All types of vendors, maintenance, service companies and professionals use Rivmic


Real Estate professional, property managers, home inspectors, appraisers, cleaners, inspectors

Pre Registration

Maintenance and repair

Heating and air conditioning, electricians, plumbers, auto garages, builders, contractors and any other related business

Pre Registration


Buyers, sellers, owners, renter and anyone else not included in the services, maintenance and repair section.

Pre Registration


Depending on the property. Certain local authorites and governments can post details related to it.

Buyers and sellers

Post and shared information is a key value to everyone in the transaction. Everyone is aware and it helps for smooth transactions.


Buyers can check if an item is stolen. The theives hate communication and a system like this site.

Need customization for your company?

Tell us what you need and we can help see results.

Easy signup and go!

Only verified users are allowed on. Creating a trusted community.

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Click here and select owner or professional package to get started.

Insert or update

Enter an address, or a vehicle VIN and input your own information about item you own. You are now part of the permanent history of the property and all your information is there for everyone to see.

Select options

Select private or public on each of your items. If public, it will allow others to help post information and records about your item.

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